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Ms Outlook - Install

Ms Outlook - Install
Lecture By: Mr. Pavan Lalwani, Tutorials Point India Private Limited.
Amarjith A S : IT'S WORKING......THANKS
Tom cat : Thanks
a 2 z chill channel : Nice bro
Arbaz Shaik : i have windows 10 got a new laptop . i already have ms office 365 inbuilt but i dont seem to have this outlook. is it different of ms office? if yes
how can i download it ?
Priyesh Kolte : i believe IMAP configuration does not need "leave a copy on server" setting compulsory. correct me if i am wrong, because i thing as in IMAP mails are on the server only, right?
Ashish Sharma : Sir in order to practice Troutshooting steps can it be done Virtually?
Narendar Singh Rathore : I was struggling for this for quite a long time. your videos really helping thousands of people to overcome their problems.
by creating such a simple yet very effective short videos would definitely enable millions... i consider your great work is true service to the nation ... keep doing great job .. and pls do not hesitate if you need any support ranging all the spectrum. good luck Mr. Lalwani!
Manjeet Thakur : Really very helpful
Thank you
Claud Flee : I couldn’t get past 1:39??is the internet email and password different from the first thing ??

How to Install Outlook Express on Windows 10

Shows you how to download and install OEClassic which is an Outlook Express remake for Windows 7, 8 \u0026 10.
richard johnson : I am running windows XP on my old laptop. I am using POP with outlook express. When I check my email, a copy is left on my laptop in outlook express and a copy is left on the online account which is through Spectrum. I have my setting in Outlook Express configured so that the email on Spectrum's server is deleted 10 days after it is read on the laptop. I was hoping to have the same set up with the new laptop running Windows 10. Is this even possible? Thank you.
richard johnson : I installed OE classic on my laptop which is running Windows 10. The "Incoming port (IMAP)" is set to 143, however I need to change it to 110. When I try to change that parameter, it just keeps switching back to 143. I am at a loss. Do you know how I can change this parameter? Thank you
Ateeque Chowdhry : are you able to open up .dbx files with OEClassic?
Coddy Sutton : Before you install O E Classic (OEC) on your computer, you might like to consider this. My computer runs McAfee's Security Products, bought directly from Amazon themselves, not a third party seller.

I had to update from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in mid-January 2020 when Microsoft ended support for W7, and lost Windows Live Mail as a result. I didn't like the new Windows Mail programme that comes with W10 and saw this video about OEC.

I downloaded the basic version, but I've got four e-mail addresses so paid the £25 or so to get full access to it.

Within two days, friends started getting in touch saying my emails had been hacked and they were getting messages ostensibly from me but actually from a hacker in Germany (I'm in the UK).

I then (for various reasons irrelevant to this post) decided to go back to W7 and had to start again with an email programme. I stuck with the new Windows Mail for a bit but then decided to try OEC again. Once more, two days later, my emails were hacked. This was early in February 2020.

This time, having changed all my passwords, I left OEC and used Windows Mail for a month. At the start of March 2020, I decided to give OEC one last try. Sure enough, two days later, my emails were hacked for a third time.

I can only conclude that OEC is at best a compromised programme and at worst a scam, run by hackers, to illegally gain access to other people's emails.
Sadequl Islam : Also please show us how to configure with gmail
Carolina Brand : Thank you! May you import the accounts?

01 - Microsoft Outlook에 gmail 계정 설정하기

gmail 계정을 Microsoft Outlook에서 설정하는 방법

장현진 : 안녕하세요. 사용자 이름과 암호가 일치하지 않는다는 문구가 뜨는 문제가 있어 잘 보았는데요.

로그인 시도 차단 메일이 오지않아요.
잘못된 것이 무엇인지 모르겠네요...

지난주부터 여러가지 방법으로 시도 하고 있는데 ㅠ
You suk Chung : 감사합니다...




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