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Kenwood Chef A901 Smoking Capacitor and Repair.

A friend reported smoke coming from the body of their food mixer, so I take a look and find the X2 capacitor on the incoming mains was in pieces.
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WARNING - If you are going to play with the insides of this device make sure it is isolated from the electrical supply.

Kenwood Chef A901 (smoky) speed control repair in real time

This video shows a repair I carried out to the speed control unit on a Kenwood Chef A901- others are similar. If your Chef has started to smoke while in use, it could be due to failed components, usually capacitors. This video shows what's involved during the repair in the hope that others try the repair themselves.

Kenwood Chef A901 smelly smoking motor speed control repaired at FixItWorkshop, Worthing

Kenwood Chef repairs are well documented on YouTube, but I thought it would be interesting to show the parts that fail.




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